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     The Outdoor  Market Mission

To strengthen the East Tampa community by providing economic opportunities  for local artists, businesses, and vendors.

Signature Process

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Family Friendly

We always have a great family environment that’s suitable for everyone.

Great Income Opportunity

It’s a great opportunity for entreprenuers to turn their hobby in to a career.

Live DJ & Church Choirs

Our Market always has a live DJ and most of the time we have church choirs as well.

About The East Tampa Outdoor Market


The monthly event is designed to promote public health, create an active public space that will bring diverse people together and foster unity in our community. 

While at the event our patrons will be entertained by family-friendly music and other live entertainment groups.  Events like this give residents an opportunity to showcase their products and connect with the broader community. 
It Starts In Our Parks!


Central Florida Community Planning & Development

CFCPD helps bring you the East Tampa Outdoor Market and we also help bring you the Small Business Symposium (SBS). To learn more about CFCPD click the button below. For more about the SBS, watch our video.

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