We Are

Central Florida Community Planning & Development

Central Florida Community Planning and Development (CFCPD) is a community centered and development focused 501 (C) 3 organizations. We bring people, organizations and municipalities together in an effort to archive extraordinary results.  CFCPD implements proven strategies and a concise order of operations to effectively ensure that projects we undertake come to fruition. 

Our Mission

Central Florida Community Planning & Development, Inc.’s mission is to work with an array of community leaders and partners, while mobilizing resources to make a measurable difference in the lives of people in the Central Florida communities.  

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower individuals with strategies to further their individual task, provide life stabilization skills and strategies while encouraging them to enhance their purpose. We also act as a “safety net" for budding entrepreneurs and individuals by connecting them with advisers, mentors and professional who can assist in furthering their goals --and to catch them before they  fall. 

East Tampa

East Tampa measures 7.5 square miles and is the largest Community Revitalization Area (CRA) in the City of Tampa. East Tampa Economic Development Committee have created an Outdoor Market that seeks to serve as a gathering space for the community and function as a platform affording home based or cottage businesses an opportunity to showcase their company.   

ETOM Mission

To be an incubator for small businesses while providing a family friendly environment with food, fun, and entertainment. 

We Keep It Local

We remain firmly committed and focused on supporting the communities, individuals and businesses we serve.